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Interpreting Services

Language Interpreting is the process of translating spoken words from one language into another, either consecutively or simultaneously. Language Translation, Inc. offers half and full-day interpreting services for:

Our interpreters are experts in the comprehension of the source and target languages in addition to possessing a keen understanding of the culture from which languages originate, and are able to convey this understanding through oral communication. This process ensures ease of discourse in many different kinds of settings to assist you and your company with business growth and expansion.

In addition, LTI also provides interpreting equipment when necessary for simultaneous interpretation, ensuring that your event runs in a  smoothly and orderly fashion, using state of the art technology.

Forms of Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting services are performed at the same time that the presenter is speaking. Usually rendered in a large conference setting, this type of interpreting service typically necessitates the use of special interpreting equipment. Wireless receivers with headsets enable the audience to hear the language translation of their choice.

Simultaneous interpreting requires the ability to listen, process, and convey a "translated" message", all while listening to and comprehending the speaker. It is a very tiring task, both mentally and physically. Therefore, two interpreters are needed for simultaneous interpreting. The two work together, switching off every 20 minutes, or so.

Consecutive interpreting services are usually performed in smaller settings than conferences, such as business meetings, interviews, depositions, and press conferences. The speaker presents a few sentences before pausing, then the interpreter renders what has just been said into the other language. Sound equipment is not usually required for consecutive interpreting services.

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