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I'd like to thank you and the entire Language Translation team for the excellent service your team provide to Cisco. We appreciate the...reasonable pricing, and high quality of your translations. 
-Silvia Spiva, Cisco

Language Translation Services

Translation is the act of rewriting a document, changing it into another language. The original language is called the “source” language. The language into which the source text is translated is called the “target” language.

A successful document translation should read as if it were originally written in the target language. The text should flow so smoothly that the reader never realizes that the document was first written in another language. In short, a document translation should be “invisible.”

We have developed our own database of over 1,200 linguists who are native speakers of the target language and experts in their industry fields. In addition to that, we have access to another database of over 300,000 translators from all over the world.

At Language Translation, Inc., we employ a 3-step quality assurance process to ensure that your documents are rendered seamlessly and accurately into the languages of your choice, preserving every bit of their original meaning and nuance.

Document Translation

First, your document is translated by a native speaker of the target language. We assign your material to translators who are experts in the document’s subject matter.

Document Editing

Next, the document is edited by a second translator. This editor compares the target text to the source text, verifying that the translation is complete and accurate. An editor may also make changes to the translation’s wording or style, to ensure that the text flows well and can be easily understood by the target audience.

Document Review

Finally, the document is reviewed to ensure that the translated text is free of errors, complete, properly formatted, and ready for delivery to the client.

An accurate professional translation can save a patient's life, win a bid, or persuade a shopper to buy your product.

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