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Indonesian Language Translation

Language Translation, Inc. (LTI) is a leading Indonesian translation service. Our professional translators are fully prepared and qualified to fulfill all of your Indonesian translation needs whether it is English to Indonesian translation, Indonesian to English translation, or translating Indonesian with any other language. We consistently deliver true, accurate, and complete Indonesian translations.

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We can handle translation projects of all sizes and guarantee the highest quality
work at competitive prices. Our 3-step quality assurance process ensures that your documents are translated flawlessly. We only employ translators who are highly trained native speakers of the language into which they are translating. This is especially significant when you consider that Indonesian usually places descriptive adjectives after nouns, not before as in English. There are also no articles in Indonesian (a, an, the), although the prefix “se-“ is used to perform the same function as the indefinite article “a.” These differences can be easily overlooked or missed entirely by an untrained person. We pride ourselves on presenting you with a translation that reads as if it were originally written in the target language.

Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia – literally “the language of Indonesia”) is the official language of the Republic of Indonesia. It is a specific form of Malaysian derived from the Malayo-Polynesian branch of the Austronesian language family. As a language, it has been used as the lingua franca in the immense Indonesian archipelago for centuries. Indonesian is the native language of 23 million speakers and another 140 million speakers employ it as a second language alongside their local native tongue. It is used copiously by Indonesians in urban areas as a first language and as a second language by inhabitants of Indonesia’s more rural areas.

Indonesia has grown to become the fourth most populated country in the world, and of that large number of citizens, the number of people who speak Indonesian fluently is close to 100%. This makes Indonesia, and therefore Malay (with which Indonesian is 80% cognate), one of the most widely spoken languages in the world. Any international business interests should be taking a long and hard look at the benefits of accurate Indonesian translation services to advance their international markets.

Formal education, national media, and other outlets of communication are administered in Indonesian. The Ujian Nasional (national examination) is composed in Indonesian and Indonesian is one of the subjects of the examination. The Indonesian language is a beacon of national identity and pride and a unifying factor among all of the Indonesian ethnic groups. Having one language understood by everyone allows for communication between all of the Indonesian provinces and separate regional cultures. Bahasa Indonesia is used to develop the national culture, science, and technology. It is also used for transaction and trade documentation.

There are currently close to 730 languages spoken across the Indonesian Islands. That number has dropped by 15 languages since 2007. Indonesia is the second biggest multilingual population on the planet, with only Papua New Guinea having more languages. According to linguistic experts, 637 languages in the archipelago are endangered with fewer than 100,000 speakers. This is partially due to the growing prominence of Bahasa Indonesia and the belief of many scholars that local languages with ancient values impede modernity. It is a challenge for linguistic survival in a melting pot of languages.

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