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Translation and Interpreting Services

Whether you need a document translated, or interpreters for your next event, or an over-the-phone interpreter available 24 hours a day, we have a language service to meet your needs. And regardless of which service you choose, you can be confident knowing that all of Language Translation's linguists have the right expertise, experience, and training to do the job right.

Our Services

  • Translation
  • Interpreting
  • Telephone Interpreting
    Telephone Interpretingmarker
  • Translation is the process of rewriting a document or other written text from a "source" language into one or more "target" languages.

    With our team of over 2,100 certified linguists working in over 100 languages, we have the experts to handle any of your translation needs. Our linguists are native speakers of the target language and have years of experience in the translation industry. They're also experts in subject matter ranging from medical to legal to marketing.

    We also offer additional translation services such as:

    • Desktop Publishing
    • Technical Writing
    • Glossary Creation
    • Transcription
    • Voiceover
    • Subtitling
  • Interpreting is the process of translating spoken words from one language into another. This is either done consecutively (where the speaker pauses to allow the interpreter to restate the last few sentences) or simultaneously (where the speaker and the interpreter talk at the same time).

    Language Translation offers both consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. We can also provide equipment rentals for headsets, sound booths, microphones, and more. That makes us your one-stop-shop solution for planning your next interpreting event.

    So whether it's a legal deposition or a conference relating to sensitive or confidential information, our team of trusted interpreters is ready to serve you.

  • If you need an interpreter on short notice, or for short periods of time, or when the person you need to communicate with isn't at your location, there's no better solution than over-the-phone interpreting.

    Our SpeakEasy Telephone Interpreting service instantly connects you to interpreters in over 180 languages, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Just set up your SpeakEasy account with us and pay only for the time you use, down to the minute.